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Previous Work

Bee Friendly Pics

Here are some bees the owner has managed to relocate to his garden, A miniature nature reserve.

Cockroach Job

This Cockroach infestation was a light to heavy infestation that was fully cleared in three visits.

Damage done by Carpet Beetle Larvae

The damage caused by the larvae (Woolly Bears) adults of this species do not cause damage.

 Flea Job

A vacant property being treated for flea's.

Mouse Job

Mouse Infestation in a domestic property during a successful three part treatment plan.

Pigeon Proofing

Proofing work carried out on domestic property to prevent pigeon roosting and fouling the exterior.

Squirrel Job

Problems with grey squirrels entering loft space and damaging the wiring, trapped and removed.

Woodworm Job

Damage caused by wood boring beetles, damaged wood removed whole area treated and replaced.

Rat Job

Infestation of loft space via damaged vent this was cleared in a three part treatment plan and the vent was proofed to prevent further infestation.


These are some of signs that you have an infestation of bedbugs.